Your mailbox is not doing enough,
other support and help systems do too much.

Central Desk is not only addictively easy to use,
it even answers customer inquiries before they arise.

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How do we know what a helpdesk software has to do?

As provider of the software solutions CentralStationCRM and CentralPlanner, we receive various customer inquiries every day and we ourselves were not satisfied with other helpdesk systems. We knew what was important to us and quickly developed our own ticket system - Central Desk.

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10 € / user / month
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  • max. 10 users
  • 3 mailboxes
  • 14 days BI data
  • custom fields
  • basic integrations


15 € / user / month
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  • all Basic-features
  • ∞ number of users
  • 10 mailboxes
  • 1 year BI data
  • sending emails via your own domain


30 € / user / month
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  • all Professional-features
  • ∞ mailboxes
  • ∞ days BI data
  • customized help center design
  • Help articles on your own subdomain
Offers are aimed at commercial customers. All prices are in Euro plus 19% VAT.

Our customers love our support - also thanks to Central Desk

'Your support is the BEST and FASTEST I have ever experienced. Better and faster than the IT giants Apple, Microsoft and HP combined. Thank you very much!'

Erasmus Stein, events agency Stein & Beck

Kunde Erasmus Stein

All support requests in one place

All support requests are bundled in Central Desk, no matter if you receive them via e-mail, website or telephone. The service agents immediately see which requests are open, in progress or already completed. It is up to the support agents whether they assign a fixed key account manager to each customer or if they answer inquiries chronologically and without fixed customer binding.

The online help reacts to search queries

The goal of Central Desk is to keep support efforts as low as possible while improving service quality. We achieve this through simple and intuitive handling and perfect integration of an online-help-system. After all, the best requests are those that do not need to be made. If customers enter their subject in the contact form, Central Desk already shows matching help articles. Thus, customers often already find what they are looking for and both sides are helped.

Templates increase the response speed

It is practically unavoidable that questions to the helpdesk team repeat - but it is possible to avoid that answers have to be formulated over and over again. Central Desk allows quick insertion of response templates or already formulated text modules with one click - it couldn't be easier.

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